We're a dedicated team of technology thrill-seekers.


About Us

Korelogic is built upon the concept of full-stack JavaScript.

Beautiful product experiences, tailored specifically to your ideas and vision.

This philosophy of JavaScript everywhere speeds up development and allows the skills of our team to be utilised as effectively as possible. We can deliver products and features faster because our team of developers have end-to-end understanding of what they are building and how it works.

Since 2010, we have built a strong, experienced team with excellent technical and design knowledge. We have deployed solutions for startups and large organisations in a wide variety of sectors including: Telecoms, Bookmaking, Charities, EV Transport, Construction, Financial Trading and Recruitment. Building a digital product is a challenge, customers come to us at many different stages in the evolution of an idea. We work closely with your organisation to build a team focused on delivering world class designs and experiences built upon the modern technologies. This ensures the solution we build is fit for the enterprise and your growing businesses requirements.

How we work


Design & Innovation

We merge creativity with cutting-edge technology, innovating design to deliver transformative solutions and reinvent customer experiences.


Native & Embeded

Our cross-platform development stratergy for iOS & Android applications built with React Native or Titanium reduces cost and speeds up delivery.


Services, Data Storage

Driven by Typescript & Node.js with data storge provided by MySQL, PostgrSQL or DynamoDB ensures stable, maintainable and high performance systems.


Mobile & Desktop Web

We use modern frontend frameworks React.js, GraphQL Apollo, Next.js to power complex but responsive appliactions and user interfaces.


AWS Infrastructure

We utilise AWS services like S3, EKS, RDS, SQS and many more to speed up development, deliver scalability and reliability to production systems.



We provide extensive support and performance monitoring for our applications as they grow, ensuring the latest security patches are implemented.

Meet our leadership team

We work together to build bespoke digital products and services for your business.

Michael Hay


Osvaldas Rokas

Head of Platform Architecture

Teresa Curtis

Head of Operations

Cat Barrett

Head of Product

Luis Gregson

Head of Engineering

Aaron Haase

Head of New Business